In 1939 the Adorers of the Blood of Christ opened the First Catholic home for the elderly in the Diocese of Lincoln.
The home of Joseph Schramek was remodeled to accommodate 14 guests.Villa Sign

The first guests arrived in October.
Soon there were more requests for admissions than could be accepted.

For 20 years the Sisters maintained the nursing home.
In 1960 the Sisters were faced with a dilemma.
The Sisters felt that the building no longer was adequately equipped to provide a high standard of care.
The home needed extensive renovations or would have to be closed.
In December of 1964, the Sisters saw 22 residents find other housing for the elderly .

Ground Breaking

In 1964, a Villa Development committee announced a
fundraising campaign for expansion and reopening of the Villa.
A 44-bed facility reopened in the Spring of 1967.


Breaking Ground

In 1975, a 21-bed addition and a finished basement with space for an employee's lounge,
housekeeping, a classroom, quilting room for volunteers,
maintenance workshop and storage for guest's personal items was completed.



Another addition to the Villa occurred in 1985,
with the construction of the Chapel.
The Chapel has two-person pews for ease of the Villa
residents and is used for Protestant services and Catholic Mass.



To further it's mission the Villa created an Alzheimer's and Related Dementia Special Care Unit in 1998.
The new unit named St. Therese's Garden is a secure, self-contained area
that provides residents specialized care in a homelike environment. 

Court Sign


In June of 2000, St. Joseph's Court, a 22 apartment assisted living complex
was connected the Villa, which eliminated
one resident room making the bed capacity of St. Joseph's Villa to 64 beds.


In January 2003 the three and four bed wards were converted to deluxe semiprivate rooms,
making the total bed capacity of St. Joseph's Villa to its present 58 beds.
Updates to the facility continue to be made, in 2009 a new ramp and outdoor sitting area
was created. A new therapy room and activity area were developed in 2012.
Geothermal heating and cooling were installed for the Villa, allowing residents to set the temperture of their room.
Eight private rooms were created and existing private rooms were updated. In 2016
semi-private rooms were updated.

A personal and loving concern for each resident
and attention to good care, activities and decor
are hallmarks of St. Joseph's Villa and Court.