Restorative and Rehabilitation Therapies
and Related Services

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St. Joseph’s celebrated the addition of the
Therapy Room on June 20, 2012.

Butler County Health Care Center offers Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services for skilled rehabilitation six days a week.
The spacious room allows the
therapists to use a wide array of new equipment such as; Hi-low mats, adjustable backrest mats, E-stim and ultrasound machines, Nu-Step machine and other various equipment to help maintain the resident’s strength and mobility. The therapy room also includes a working sink, stove and refrigerator to
practice daily household chores based on the residents’ previous lifestyle and improve the resident’s success upon returning home.
How do I get therapy?
Your physician will either give you a referral
for therapy or issue orders directly to our therapists to evaluate and, as appropriate, to begin a series of treatments. You may be admitted to this facility with orders already, or our nursing staff may request them from your physician.
All therapy is done under the supervision of both a physician and a licensed therapist.